Public Works

Michael R. Hamlin, Director of Public Works
Ph: (717) 293-1733,

Acts as front-line supervisor for the Superintendent of Public Works and management of all public works staff. Plans, directs, and supervises the public works staff to complete routine tasks, and ensure proper training of public works employees. Works in cooperation with other township staff for compliance with MS4, DEP, PennDOT, and similar regulatory issues. Coordinates and cooperate with other township staff for enforcement of township regulations and ordinances.

Devin Groff, Superintendent of Public Works
Ph: (223) 221-7523,

Supports and works at the direction of the Director of Public Works. Supervises and works in cooperation with the road crew on all public works functions. Oversees the training and record keeping for public works employees in the areas of training, safety, regulatory compliance, and certification.

Zachary Shober, Public Works Supervisor

Assumes leadership in absence of the Superintendent of Public Works. Act as front line supervisor for public works employees. Trains public works employees on operation and safety of all equipment. Performs inspections of roadways, stormwater facilities, sidewalks, curbs, and other structures and facilities as directed.