FAQs of Trash/Recycling

  • Regular trash and recycling collection days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, depending on where you live.
  • To find out your specific collection day, email Joanne Yost at jyost@twp.lancaster.pa.us, or call (223) 221-7507.
  • How much trash can I put out? Trash is limited to three 32-gallon trash cans or bags per week, no more than 30 pounds each. Additional cans or bags must have a YELLOW extra service tag ($1.25) attached to each. Cans and/or bags weighing more than 30 pounds must have a RED extra service tag ($4.00) attached to each.
  • Click on this link for information on special collection dates.
  • Yard Waste Collection information can be found here.
  • For answers to frequently asked questions regarding trash/recycling, scroll down this page to the FAQs section.

NOTE: NO LOOSE TRASH IN YOUR TRASH CAN – Here are just a few reasons why:

  • It’s unsanitary for the hauler if they have to reach down into the trash can to lift out loose trash.
  • Trash bags keep trash contained and can help keep your trash can cleaner.
  • Bagged trash is much easier and faster to pick up and toss into the back of the truck.
  • If you use a trash can with no lid, loose light-weight material may blow or fall out before the hauler even gets there to collect it. It then winds up blowing all around your neighborhood
  • And, if you use a trash can with no lid, loose trash will be picked up by birds, squirrels, or other rodents, and then deposited all around your neighborhood.
  • If the hauler lifts your can to dump your trash into the back of the truck, loose trash can blow away easily, especially on windy days.  
  • It is important that all waste is bagged and that the bag is securely tied closed. 

Recycling is mandatory in Lancaster Township (by Ordinance 1990-02) for all residents, apartment dwellers, and businesses within the township. This is a co-mingled program.

  • The ONLY FOUR acceptable materials for recycling are: corrugated cardboard, plastic bottles/jugs with necks, metal food/beverage cans, and glass jars/bottles. All items should be cleaned out before placing in the recycle bin. In case of rain, snow, ice, or high winds, keep corrugated cardboard inside until the following week. Click here for detailed information on recycling.
Recycle containers may be purchased at the township office at a cost of $10.00 each. If purchased elsewhere, be sure the container is clearly marked “RECYCLING.”

ALL ELECTRONIC WASTE is PROHIBITED from being disposed of with your trash or recycling by the PA Covered Devices Recycling Act 108 of 2010. Residents and businesses may drop electronic waste for FREE at the county Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 1299 Harrisburg Pike. (717) 397-9968; email: info@lcswma.org. All electronics must be intact and will not be accepted by the HHW Facility otherwise.

Items include:

  • Batteries: Household & Automotive (household batteries ONLY may also be placed in a special battery bag and placed on the ground NEXT TO your trash container, NOT IN IT or the recycle bin; click here for info)
  • Desktop computers & Laptops
  • Monitors & Computer peripherals, including keyboard, mouse, printer and speakers
  • Televisions & e-Readers
  • Cameras: photo and video
  • Cell phones/smart phones (may also be placed in a special battery bag; click here for info)
  • Phone peripherals, such as: chargers, batteries, Bluetooth earpieces, air cards, clips, cases
  • DVD and VCR players
  • MP3 players and iPods
  • All electronic game players, video game consoles, and controllers
  • Stereos and peripherals: CD players, turntables, amplifiers, speakers (no wooden materials)
Illegal dumping of any regulated material is a punishable offense. Lancaster Township will enforce all regulations and impose penalties on violators.